Sunday, April 17, 2011

Apple store

I'm sure everyone's seen the videos of people dancing at the apple store.
Me and my friends wanted to try it out today and it's kinda uhm.. you just gotta have a lot of balls. hahaha.
We're trying to make the best of our spring break XD

and this is the d.i.a mirror I got along with the magazine :D

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Jewerich Review

I got my Jewerich bottom lashes last week and I've been scared to touch them until today~
I must say- They are worth every cent! They are the best bottom lashes I've ever bought ! ^__^ 
The band of the lash is strong and not flimsy, the lashes do not slide around, and the design is so satisfying *U* I also like the design of the containers ~ Unlike Dollywink, Jewerich comes with two containers [picture below]-That way one can share with a friend ^__^ !  I will be planning on buying more in the future. You can pick up a pair at ! 
Here's a better picture with them on~

Friday, March 4, 2011

Simply Me

Hey everyone!
 Sorry I havn't been blogging on this lately :c I'm trying to make it a habit and hopefully it'll develop!!!Anyways, onto the clothing and such. I finally got a WC top thanks to Emy! She found it for me

on the gyaru_sales com on livejournal. I'm not familiar with LJ so she had to help me, so sad~
The top is so adorable! I love it so much~  
I went shopping with my mom today and we found these babies for on sale for $50..I could not resist because I've been wanting nude pumps for so long and they're from SimplyVera, Vera Wang. Usually, I don't wear heels like this because of my weak knees, but these were so comfortable! I'm really happy that I bought them! I can't wait to wear them ^____^
I also bought this pink floral tank for only $7 ! Such an amazing price for something so cute! I could not resist! heheh. >:) Well that's it for this really really short post.. =_=  

Monday, February 14, 2011

Rilakkuma Valentine's Day Party 2/12/11

Hey !  :D I had some fun during the weekend with Emy, Essy, Daniel, Jenna, and Peter!
I had tons of fun ^_^ Getting there was kind of annoying though :( Too much traffic in LA ! >_<
 and with Rilakkuma XD !

Onch was there !!! I didn't get to see him because I had to leave early :(

Sunday, February 6, 2011

First post & my day today

Hi guys~ Since this is my first post I'll do an intro~
My name is Vivian and I'm 16. I'm from Orange County. I'm in Dream gyarusa and I love love love it ^^ <3 I'm in love with my boyfriend and One Piece !

Anyways~ onto my day 8D

Today me & Emy met up~ ^_^ heheh
We went to purikura in Garden Grove and took tons of puri~

Hehehe we're taking over the little board of fame slowly~
Later we had some lunch at Volcano Tea *0* It's like our favorite spot now. The boba and stuff is so yummy! We got their popcorn chicken and sweet potatoe fries.. My favorite is the popcorn chicken -w- It's so much better than KFC imo~

We stopped by Mitsuwa afterwards to look at magazines and makeup~
I picked up some cute stuff *o*
Right: Folder ( I like to keep my homework in these.)
Left: Stationary ( I have cute penpals and I like to spoil them in cute stationary.)
I got Seventeen~ I love it soo much *U*
It always comes with cute stuff but this has got to be the best!
Chopper socks! I'm a die hard One Piece fan. I can't miss out on this XD
The models on the front even have the little tattoos on their shoulders ;w; so cute.