Monday, February 14, 2011

Rilakkuma Valentine's Day Party 2/12/11

Hey !  :D I had some fun during the weekend with Emy, Essy, Daniel, Jenna, and Peter!
I had tons of fun ^_^ Getting there was kind of annoying though :( Too much traffic in LA ! >_<
 and with Rilakkuma XD !

Onch was there !!! I didn't get to see him because I had to leave early :(

Sunday, February 6, 2011

First post & my day today

Hi guys~ Since this is my first post I'll do an intro~
My name is Vivian and I'm 16. I'm from Orange County. I'm in Dream gyarusa and I love love love it ^^ <3 I'm in love with my boyfriend and One Piece !

Anyways~ onto my day 8D

Today me & Emy met up~ ^_^ heheh
We went to purikura in Garden Grove and took tons of puri~

Hehehe we're taking over the little board of fame slowly~
Later we had some lunch at Volcano Tea *0* It's like our favorite spot now. The boba and stuff is so yummy! We got their popcorn chicken and sweet potatoe fries.. My favorite is the popcorn chicken -w- It's so much better than KFC imo~

We stopped by Mitsuwa afterwards to look at magazines and makeup~
I picked up some cute stuff *o*
Right: Folder ( I like to keep my homework in these.)
Left: Stationary ( I have cute penpals and I like to spoil them in cute stationary.)
I got Seventeen~ I love it soo much *U*
It always comes with cute stuff but this has got to be the best!
Chopper socks! I'm a die hard One Piece fan. I can't miss out on this XD
The models on the front even have the little tattoos on their shoulders ;w; so cute.