Saturday, March 19, 2011

Jewerich Review

I got my Jewerich bottom lashes last week and I've been scared to touch them until today~
I must say- They are worth every cent! They are the best bottom lashes I've ever bought ! ^__^ 
The band of the lash is strong and not flimsy, the lashes do not slide around, and the design is so satisfying *U* I also like the design of the containers ~ Unlike Dollywink, Jewerich comes with two containers [picture below]-That way one can share with a friend ^__^ !  I will be planning on buying more in the future. You can pick up a pair at ! 
Here's a better picture with them on~


  1. Thanks for the review ;D

    I was meaning to get them for awhile but many reviews said it was a waste of money , that the hair will deform when you peel the glue off them.

    But I'll go by your words & get them, anyway.


  2. Are you serious ?! That sounds scary :c
    I havn't read up on these lashes before, but Emy has been telling me about them @_@
    I hope that doesn't happen ;A;

  3. You are so cute :D I would love to buy them but I'm scared they will look too fake on me. ♥

  4. id love to get some of that but they're freaking expensive yo!