Friday, March 4, 2011

Simply Me

Hey everyone!
 Sorry I havn't been blogging on this lately :c I'm trying to make it a habit and hopefully it'll develop!!!Anyways, onto the clothing and such. I finally got a WC top thanks to Emy! She found it for me

on the gyaru_sales com on livejournal. I'm not familiar with LJ so she had to help me, so sad~
The top is so adorable! I love it so much~  
I went shopping with my mom today and we found these babies for on sale for $50..I could not resist because I've been wanting nude pumps for so long and they're from SimplyVera, Vera Wang. Usually, I don't wear heels like this because of my weak knees, but these were so comfortable! I'm really happy that I bought them! I can't wait to wear them ^____^
I also bought this pink floral tank for only $7 ! Such an amazing price for something so cute! I could not resist! heheh. >:) Well that's it for this really really short post.. =_=  


  1. Hi dear^^!
    WC top and floreal top are beautifull!!^^ i like your style

  2. super cute finds! Really liking that WC top *O*